How to enter Discord?

1.Go to eco.com.

2. Enter your email, click "Get Early Access".

3. Fill out the form Click here and get an invite in discord

What are the main commands in Discord?

To see the full list of commands go to Discord Bot

!points - shows the amount of your Eco Points. Can only be used in 🏧check-your-points channel

!leaderboard - shows the list of users with the highest number of points.

What are other channels for?

📣announcements - the most important project announcements are placed here

🏁start-here - move from Layer 0 to Layer 1 here

#events-role - In this channel, you can get the @Events role to get notified whenever a new event, challenge, or reward appears in the community! To get this role, simply respond to the emoji below. You will then receive notifications of all community events and challenges!

⚠report spam - Channel. in which spam / malicious activity can be reported, structure with ECO. Attach proof of negative activity in your message (screenshots from correspondence, etc.) and flag Dave | Eco # 2900 or @Prefect

🔈eco-twitter - Channel where you can check tweets from the official ECO Twitter page.

🚀general - general discussion about the project in English

📈crypto-chat - chat about crypto, other than Eco

🧮eco-nomics - channel for communication about ECO economy

🖐🏽community-suggestions - Channel, in which we receive suggestions and wishes to improve activity on the server ECO, as well as the project as a whole. Interesting and unusual suggestions are rewarded with points! eco-expedition - discussion of ECO development and integration with other projects

eco-expedition - Discuss the development of the ESO and integration with other projects

🏅content-bounties - the most recent information about bounty contests is posted here by the Eco Team (submit your works in the appropriate channel)

⚙eco-brand-kit - graphic library of the ECO brand. In this section you can download the logo, background and other icons related to the project to visualize your work.

📓project-magellan - Channel created for the implementation of a large-scale project, which aims to unite the ECO community by giving each other special ECO notebooks. There are a total of 6 notebooks. Each person who receives a notebook is tasked with exchanging his real physical item for a certain number of ECO points with another member of the community. As soon as there is a buyer for that item, the owner of the notepad sends it with the item for which the points were exchanged to the next person. These notepads will travel around the world, possibly making the rounds to the most remote corners of the ESO system.

🧗an-adventure-appeared-Channel with an interesting puzzle from one of the ECO discord members. The puzzle is still unsolved, anyone can participate and help solve it.

top-memes - A channel that duplicates the best memes from the #meme-lab channel that got the most reactions in the form of smilies.

🧪meme-lab - Channel that publishes quality memes related to the ECO project

🧠talent-pool - In the channel you can post a portfolio, find other team members with similar skills and interests. Later on, you can join together to complete tasks.

🐶🐱eco-pets - Section with photos of your pets. The photo with your pet must contain the ECO logo.

🏝weekends-and-holidays - A channel to share how you spend your weekends and/or vacations.

eco-for-good - A channel where you can post your good deeds (help street animals, people, help the elderly, to become a donor, a volunteer, to clean up somewhere (remove trash), buy flowers and give to girls, etc.). This activity is not rewarded with points!

eco-gaming - The channel was created for the first Esomash tournament https://ecomash.io/. in the channel you can find a teammate to play

partners-welcome - a channel in which projects interested in the integration of the bot and points will represent themselves

grant-requests - a channel in which partners (projects with integrated eco-bot) can publish requests for points

bot-support - a channel for technical support

grant-distributions - information about grants for projects

🧾points-log/eco-server-points-log/grants-log - Bot-channel where all operations with ECO points are displayed. The purpose of the channel: full transparency of the eco-points movement.

🏧check-your-ᵽpoints - To check your points, enter [!points]; To check the Top 25, enter [!leaderboard 50]; To check another member's points, enter [!points @name]. 🛎points-bartering - here you can earn points or transfer them to others for completing tasks Community channels

Live events 🎧past-audio - Channel where you can record AMA events.

🧩community-activities - Channel where you can find active contests and tasks from the ECO community.

💬live-event-chat - This is where we communicate during live broadcasts and online-activities.

🎧music-controller - Channel to control ECO FM radio

ECO-FM - Here you can listen to a variety of live music. The start of the broadcast is announced by @parallacs and @Dave | Eco

Layer 2

Only Layer 2 users can see this section.

the moon-is-not-enough-KYEP - important announcements/tasks

eco-missionaries - a channel to share how you think it would be best to present the idea: to other communities. How should we explain our mission to others? How should this message be adapted to different uses? ️ What framework or criteria should we use to determine if another community fits the Eco mission? What projects should we focus on in partnership?

eco-flage-vote - Eco-flage contest voting Share below how you think it would be best to present the idea: points: to other communities. How should we explain our mission to others? How should this message be adapted to different uses?

litany-against-doubt - daily mantra)

ready-layer-2 - A summary of the role of Layer 2.

💬speakeasy - A channel where participants with the Layer 2 role can coordinate their problem solving and discuss topics unique to that role.

📜governance - A channel to discuss the project, suggestions for improvement and optimization. Discussions about upcoming changes and calls

❓socratic - A channel in which various topics are discussed using the Socratic method. (Socrates' approach to the question method is based on having a coherent, profound dialogue)

🔭deep-thoughts - A channel for reflecting on important life issues, not just ECO related. The channel is subdivided into branches, each of which has discussions on specific topics. Each thread remains active as long as people are interested in continuing the conversation. At present the minimum duration of a branch is 7 days. If no one shows any activity after that period, the branch is deleted. Smart thoughts are rewarded with points!

🃏eco-poker - A channel where announcements about upcoming poker tournaments are made.

happy-birthday - share your birthday and get points and congratulations


questions and registration - in this channel you can ask questions about the Academy and register for any course

Crypto literacy - crypto education

Health class - health education

Chess - learning chess

Еnglish beginners - English for beginners

English intermediate - teaching English intermediate level

art class - art class


general - A channel for discussing the task

file-sharing - a channel for exchanging files to complete a task

Dao reading - A channel with useful literature

🇰🇷kr-eco - the main channel for the KR-community 🇷🇺ru-eco - the main channel for the RU-community 🇫🇷fr-eco - the main channel for the FR-community 🌏other-languages - for all other languages, search for like-minded people

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