About Eco

This is an unofficial guide. This guide was created for the Eco project community and is not an official project resource.

What is Eco

  • The Eco App is one simple balance that lets you spend, send, save and make money at the same time. You earn 5% cashback at the places you spend the most, and up to 5% on your balance the rest of the time. Soon, you’ll also be able to pay your bills and send money to your friends, all from the same place;

  • Eco makes all your daily financial activity easy — which is why people often route their paychecks directly into the app to start earning. There’s no need to have money in a dozen different apps and products;.

  • CEO of the project - Andy Bromberg - is the co-founder of Coinlist and several other successful startups.

Who can use the App

For now the app is available for iPhone users in certain stated in the US only. There are plans to expand to other regions as well as to make a version for Android users.

What are the main advantages of Eco and why it will succeed?

That's very simple - an all-in-one easy-to-use app that covers all your financial everyday operations with easy deposits and withdrawals, money transfers, cashback and interest on your balance - this is exactly what market needs.

And a solid team with proven experience as well as the support from top-tier crypto funds will do the job.

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