Description of roles in Discord

Admin - Administrators

Eco-Team - This role designates members of the Eco-Team

Prefect - Community members given this role have agreed to be responsible for maintaining the Discord server and to perform the following duties:

  • Responding to questions from new community members and helping them find answers to their questions by directing them to appropriate resources.

  • Moderate discussions and enforce community rules #📜 .

  • Help Eco fairly distribute points (Eco Points) to community members to ensure (as much as possible) fair rewards for all efforts and contributions to the community.

Prehistoric - Pioneers - This role designates the community members who formed the foundation of the Eco community prior to the launch of Discord. They represent the earliest of the early followers of the Infrastructure

Engineer - This role refers to the bot engineers/community members who help build and maintain the tools used daily on the Eco Discord server

Overseas Envoy - The Overseas Envoy role applies to community members who serve in a semi-moderator or leadership role for certain communities outside of the United States

Herald - The role is given to select community members who are consistently active, welcoming new members, and helping to answer questions.

Layer 3 - This role is currently assigned by Eco by hand to community members who have a direct personal or professional connection to the Eco project. This includes investors, partner project members or colleagues in the cryptocurrency and fintech (financial technology) space.

Layer 2 - This role is manually assigned by the Eco team or prefects to community members who have a certain reputation in the Eco community. This role provides access to individual channels/tasks and rewards that allow community members to interact and collaborate with each other

Layer 1 - This role is assigned by clicking on the Eco logo below a post in the #start-here channel and gives community members access to most content in Eco Discord

Layer 0 - This is the role assigned to all new members when they log into the Eco Discord server. Layer 0 only has access to the #start-here channel.

App User - App User. This role is assigned to community members who are currently using the Eco

Booster - This role is assigned to any community member who has supported the Eco Discord server by donating a 'Server Boost'

Waiting Room - Waiting Room New community members who are eligible to use the Eco App but are not yet connected are assigned the role of 'Waiting Room' and have limited access to the Eco Discord server

Multisig-Signer - The Eco Community owns a multi-signature Gnosis vault that holds community funds and funds its activities. The role Multisig-Signer is for the members of the community who have signed the vault.

Poker Player - This role allows community members to access and play in Eco community poker tournaments. Watch for announcements of upcoming events and then email Dave | Eco#2900 to get in on the action!

DJ - This role allows the user to control the RythmBot in the # music-controller channel and can be assigned/removed by the admin for certain events.

Daoist - The role of the participants who participated in the task/analysis of the DAO

DAO Master - participants who complete the DAO 3 task

Coach - the role of the participant, who conducted a series of sports tasks

Poker Champion - a role assigned to winners of poker tournaments

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