Eco Points

What are Eco Points

These are points that you can get for participating in different community activities and bounty campaigns.

What they are used for

For now - for research purposes only ;)

These points indicate your involvement in the project. Remember - quality over quantity!

They cannot be converted into rewards or something else (for now), but everything is possible later on.

How to earn them

Participating in bounty campaigns, creating memes, actively participate in project discussions etc. New bounties appear every day and they run for several days only (and usually even less), so speed and quality are the keys. Check out active bounties regularly.

How many point do I have?

NB: doesn't work if you are using Discord on mobile phone

You can check your points only in #check-your-points Discord channel

  • Go to #check-your-points channel

  • Type !points

  • You can also use Ecogg ( to track your points and get weekly points tracking notifications.

How can I send my tokens to someone?

Type the following in any Discord channel

!send @username number_of_points

If everything worked fine, the bot will tell you that your points were sent.

For example, this command: !send @Sergio [Nodes.Guru]#9134 10 will send your 10 points to user Sergio[Nodes.Guru]

Why should I send anyone my points?

If you like the content created by a user or he helped you, or you just want to thank him, you can do it by sending points!

It's all about cooperation! Cooperate with others, get Eco points involved in your relations!

Friendly and respectful communication in the community will lead not only to the project success but also can be rewarded with tokens by Discord admins.

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