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ECO PROGRESS Challenge 48

Achievements are a result of hard workout, determination and constant efforts with positive attitude.

Reward: up to 5 points& 5 lotery tickets for the best submissions Deadline: October 30th Timeline: 1 week


  • Post your health achievements & best sport’s results/records in your life and don’t forget about selfies with Discord handle & the eco logo.

  • You can share photos, videos, honorary diploma or healthy stories of your life.

Each tiny task that you finish is an achievement.

Crypto platforms to engage with

Every member of the Ecommunity (literally everyone) will in their own way represent what Eco is and what we hope to become, a part of that will be finding other like minded people to join us.

Going into launch we’re going to start talking about Eco more openly in the crypto world. But we also want to be just as intentional about how we spread our message as we have been about the way we revealed information about Eco over the past year and a half.

We’re looking for the best platforms, communities and individuals to engage with…and what better place to start looking for ideas than right here in our community. 📡

This challenge is simple: Where do you want to see Eco and why do you think it’s an important platform? You can chose any medium you can be crypto podcasts, blogs, magazines, radio shows…anything at all. If there is a platform or media source that you trust and respect (and you feel that others do too.) we want to hear about it!

Good ideas get points. If we use your idea or you are able to help us make it happen you’ll get much more!

As always thank you all for your continued support, it's going to be an exciting few weeks! :eco:

This challenge is open until further notice but I'll give 24 hours warning before wrapping it up!


You can choose any of the training courses.

The cost of training 25 points. after training will be tested knowledge and you can return your points + receive additional reward. For more information you can read in the channels of the academy.

questions and registration

Crypto literacy

Health class


English beginners

English intermediate

art class

russian beginner

Ecogg Bounty Program

Ecogg is in active development and there could be 🐛 bugs anywhere. Introducing Eco Bounty Program, where you could help Ecogg grow and also earn some Eco Points


Website Issue

Any issues related to Ecogg website will be covered in this category.

1-10 Points

Email Issues

Any issues related to email reporting of data can be reported in this category.

1-10 Points

Security Issues

Any security related issues that may be crucial for Ecogg functionality can be reported in this category.

10-100 Points

General Suggestions

Any suggestion to improve Ecogg functionality can be suggested in this category.

5-20 Points

New Feature

Any new feature in Ecogg that can help Eco Community grow can be suggested in this category.

10-50 Points

NOTE: Ecogg Bounty rewards are sent in Eco Discord Community. If you wish to participate, kindly contact via discord


Hey everyone! Really excited to announce our very own @Mewtwo has graciously offered to lead a weekly Yoga practice for our Community every

Friday 17.15 UTC

Day and time subject to change if needed

Sessions will last ~30 min.

I'd like to encourage anyone who is able to join and participate to do so! There may even be some earn-able :points: for those who attend and actively participate in these weekly sessions

Please click this URL to start or join. Or, go to and enter meeting ID: 765 2749 5604 and password: Ni4WCi

Big Eco Index

Welcome to the "Big Eco Index" an ongoing effort to catalogue real time economic data on a basket of everyday goods available in all the countries our community members live in.


🔹Every Monday this channel 'opens' for reports on the list of items requested. The first 10 people (each from a different location) who submit their prices on each individual item gets rewarded and those prices get recorded. (for example: the first accepted submission from Russia wins, and then submissions from Russia on that specific item are closed. There are a few exceptions to this rule, see ‘Additional Permutations’ below)

🔹 After 10 reports from different countries are submitted the contest closes for another week to give people a chance to collect their reports for the next round.

🔹 During the "down time" over the course of the week, community members are invited to build price dashboards and input the new data to track prices…the most attractive / current / comprehensive one(s) will be rewarded.

🔹 To qualify each submission must contain a) a reciept for the purchase of the good. b) An Eco Logo and your Discord handle clearly on display. c) Your relative location.

Goods to Collect Prices For

🥛 Liter of Milk

⛽ Liter of Gas

Loaf of Bread,

12 Eggs

🐔 1 kilogram of ground chicken.

🥣 1 kilogram of flour or other grain if flour isn’t popular where you live.

💡 Cost of keeping a standard lightbulb on for one hour.

🔥 Monthly heating bill for a dwelling large enough for a family of five.

🍔 "Kebab" (This means any grilled meat product, purchasable from an inexpensive lunch establishment. A hamburger or a sausage counts as a kebab.)

👟 Pair of generic sneakers.

☕ Cup of coffee

💻 High speed internet access for one month.

📱 Cell phone bill. (Cost of a monthly plan with unlimited talk, text and data.)

📰 Daily Newspaper

New Items List

1kg Bananas

1kg Oranges,

1kg Apples

1kg of Coffee Beans

Monthly Cost for Music Streaming Service (Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music Premium)

Public Transport Trip (Bus, Streetcar, Trolley)

Taxi ~15min trip (uber, lyft, mytaxi)

Cinema (movie) ticket

Gym Membership (monthly)

1 liter of original Coca-Cola

🏆 Prizes 🏆

Each item on the list is worth 10 points every week. Community members can submit up to 2 items per week. Each accepted data aggregation platform will get considerably more :points: (TBD based on overall quality and accuracy.)

If someone is interested in administering or operating this challenge for us we will happily reward them weekly.

This is a unique challenge and there is a chance the rules will have to change over the coming weeks. It's a bit of an experiment that we are all doing together, hopefully we'll get some really interesting information!


meditations will be held on Sundays.

You can find the link to participate in the #Mindful Sundays

Arseniy is a "well-being enthusiast, passionate for changing people's lives for better with years of experience in meditation, psychotherapy, philosophy and yoga. An empathetic volunteer of humans staying true to themselves whichever difficulties arise. The original meditation presented is a combination of techniques taking roots in Vipassana and cognitive science." Arseniy has selflessly decided to provide and host a weekly Mindful Mondays meditation practice for our Eco community. He will prepare and deliver a weekly practice for those who are willing to take some time out of their Monday to join in a communal meditation practice. Aresniy believes in a holistic approach to health and well-being and wants to share his practices with our wonderful community.



EcoDayChallenge is a simple (but not always) fun challenge. wait for the announcement of the task in the channel #community-activities and earn points. Good luck!


As our Eco community grows larger and more autonomous the need to start collectively thinking about specific tools that the community will require to keep functioning properly is becoming apparent. Since we are lucky enough to have within our ranks a skilled group of @Builder 's and dreamers who have great ideas of what they would like to see built and used within the Eco-mmunity it seemed like the most natural solution to open a space for where proposals can be made, discussed and started. While we already have a suite of custom bots that we recently shared with the world we know there will be much more needed in the future. This channel is designed to help kickstart the process!

Steps to Submitting a Proposal:

  • Provide a short description of the project you think needs to be built. (Make sure to include why you think it is valuable to the community and how long you think it will take to develop.)

  • If there is a 'soft consensus' (i.e. there is a minimum of positive feedback and there seems to be a use case.) we will request that you fill in a 1 page formal submission of your proposal. This will include a more detailed description of the project and what will be required to deliver it on time.

  • We will review your proposal and offer a 'funding allocation' to produce and deliver your project.

That's it!

Flag challenge part 2 (Layer2 only) the challenges have been temporarily stopped

Reward: Each accepted participant will get 50 points for their efforts. Deadline: The form will close on January 23, 2022.

Link to the active task in Discord: ttps://


1.Participants must be willing to pay for the mailing of the flag to the next stop.

2.Once you receive the flag, find somewhere special in their hometown and take a video / pictures of yourself with the flag there.

3. Sign it and send it to the next address (make sure you get and post a tracking number)

4. Make sure you can accomplish this task in 1 week or less.

5.Even though the flag will travel to one community member, if there are other members near by who want to join you are welcome to host a meetup and get multiple signatures. (This is not mandatory but the more collaboration you can accomplish the higher the rewards will be!)

If you would like to be considered to receive the flag use the attached sign up form to submit your information. We will collect names / addresses and try to put together the most efficient transport route so that nobody has to pay for more shipping than necessary!

Note: We may not be able to accept all submissions (for example if two members are located very close to each other.) and this challenge will require you to submit some personal information, if you are not comfortable sharing your best bet it to contact the person nearest to you who will receive the flag and see if you can meet up to sign it!

Eco-missionaries (Only for Layer2)

On November 14th, CEO Andy announced to the Eco community that we would be embarking on the next stage of our collective adventure by starting to engage and interact with other communities outside of our own Discord.

Who better to explain what Points mean than those who hold them, trade them, use them every day? Who better than our community to help explain what Eco means to them and what it can help bring to others?

Nobody, that's who.

So our request has two parts.

1️⃣ Share below how you think it would be best to introduce the idea of: points: to other communities. How should we be explaining our mission to others? How should that message be adapted to different use cases?

2️⃣ What framework or criteria should we be using to determine whether another community is aligned with Eco's mission? What kind of projects should we be focusing on partnering with?

We will reward valuable and insightful feedback with anywhere between 5-100: points: (it's a broad spectrum but this is a very general task.)

As always this is a team effort. We are working very hard right now to get the messaging just right for the community and would love you to help us by sharing what you feel are the most important ideas and concepts that keep you returning to the Eco-mmunity every day!

This challenge will be open until it's no longer necessary (we'll give 48 hours notice before it is closed.)

New Free NFT Lottery (the challenges have been temporarily stopped

Tickets will be handed out 150 tickets🔹 Will win 30 of them 🔹 For each winner will receive NFT

Tickets are issued for activity in Discord:

🔸 Activity in competitions and assistance from organizations

🔸 Friendliness and creativity

🔸 Help others and new ideas

🔸 Smart thoughts, new roles, cool posts


reward: up 25 points

Welcome to another round of 🥸meme of the week! This time we have a few tips to use as a starting point, let's see what you all come up with!

Concepts: 👉 check into the channel Meme-lab


A FEW GROUND RULES: 1. Keep the memes CLEAN — they will be deleted and you will be warned if any content is inappropriate. 2. Quality over quantity, please. 3. Best memes get points. Creativity is rewarded We like new ideas. 4. Sharing memes elsewhere gets points. The more reach, the more points :think: 5. Need ideas? #🎨🖌content-bounties. 6. If you keep reposting your meme, you won't get any points and may get kicked.


Send your date of birth to @ildar utebaev and you will be congratulated on your birthday

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